Special Products

Looking for a product that has not yet been invented? Whatever your business needs to improve – we can design the solution. We know the supply chain in the wind turbine industry from within, and we love what we do: providing solutions that are easily deployed into existing designs, systems or processes.
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  • V-Mag Neudume magnet
  • L-Tool
  • Wire & Cable tool
  • Lift cover

Magnet  ©


Drilling and welding the static install-method has finally found its replacement. The V-MAG multipurpose Neodyme magnet is the perfect product in an ever-changing environment.



The L-TOOL is a flexible material-lifting tool used during construction, commissioning, or maintenance in different sectors.

Wire Tool ©


The Wire Tool is a safe, labor-saving fast, and effective solution for wire lowering jobs. The Wire Tool design and function eliminate the need for external power sources.

Lift Cover


Lift Cover is a tool used during installation, service or maintenance tasks in the Wind turbine. The lift cover closes the lift opening, for safer and better work positions during E.g. tightening of flange bolts.