The L-Tool is attached to the steel wall by use of 4 x V-MAG 340 magnets, which can be placed where the lifting point is needed. The L-TOOL can be disassembled or removed without damaging the painted surface.

L-TOOL is a safe, labor saving, fast, and effective solution. The L-TOOL design and function eliminates the need for welding or other expensive permanent solutions.

  • Can be installed and used in any position (horizontally or vertically)
  • L-TOOL is a lightweight and self-contained solution
  • Can easily be transported and used in locations where access is limited
  • L-TOOL provides SWL up to 150 KG of lifting capacity
  • L-TOOL is only 6 kilograms in weight
  • Can be used with existing slings and chain hoists available onsite