In Vlab Wind we are proud to stand out of the crowd. We have employees with great hands-on experience from the entire supply chain with in the wind sector. We know the challenges in each part of the process, we think outside the box to solve your challenge, and we deliver on time. Every time.
We offer project management, engineering, cost out, and development. If a specific request is needed, Vlab Wind has a wide network to deliver the requested resource.

  • Expert Consulting
  • Cost out
  • Innovative solutions
  • Turn Key Solutions
  • Good All-Purpose Design
  • Project Management

Turn Key Solutions

Vlab Wind will go all the way with you to ensure that our solution to your challenge fits your exact needs and requests. Avoid the hassle of setting up your own in-house solution or resources and let us take the lead on your project.

We offer solutions that are easily and readily deployed into a current business, system or process. The solution can be used immediately once installed or implemented.

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From idea to finished product

Give us a challenge and we will go all the way for you. An excellent example of one of our turn-key solutions is the transport feet we created for a customer.
The finished product made the process of transporting elements safely a lot easier. A perfectly fitted solution creating value for the customer every day.





How we work

1 Project definition & Planning

2 Project execution

3 Project performance & control

4 Project close