Choosing Vlab Wind consulting will provide you with highly skilled individuals who deliver professional insight and expert advice within the wind sector. We offer management, marketing and engineering. If a specific request is needed, Vlab Wind has a wide network to deliver the requested resource.

– Expert Consulting
– Cost out
– Innovative solutions
– Turn Key Solutions

– Good All-Purpose Design
– Project Management

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Special Products

Vlab Wind provide many types of solutions that are easily and readily deployed into current designs, businesses, systems or processes.
Vlab Wind can deliver an “All inclusive” solution tailored to the customer’s exact needs or requests

– V-Mag Neudume magnet
– L-Tool

– Wire & Cable tool
– Lift cover

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Software Development -

Anything is possible as long as the time and resources are allocated; Vlab Wind brings this idea to heart and we strive to implement the latest technological advances in our projects.

– E-Learning/Computer based training
– Storyboard & Instructions
– 3D Graphics & Animations
– TMS-Training Management System

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We are ready to solve your challenges.

No matter what you need – we can help you. Vlab Wind has people with more than 20 years of hands-on experience from the wind turbine industry in the team where innovation leads to great thoughts.

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